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Kiki and I have decided to make aardent an icon community. It's already one, but we meant like, with more than just the two of us as makers. So if you are interested in becoming a maker at aardent, please fill out the form below and comment this post. We are currently looking for three(3) makers. All comments will be screened.

Okay, what we look for in a maker is:
· Creativity: Your icons should have some sort of .. signature that you have on it, like something that makes it yours? Not all of them have to have that special thing you put in them, just once in a while we'll go, "Oh wow. That's something we've never seen before!"
· Style: We look for makers that have icons that look different. Not icons that looks the same in every single batch.
· Active: You must be active, at least post once a week. We need active makers to keep this community a live.

Tags: maker?
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