byebye :(

Kay guys. I was on a one-week vacation and everyone resigned. -sigh- Ardent is over. I don't wanna look for new makers and I don't really wanna post on my own. And I'm kind of getting out of the whole computer-stage. Ardent was SO fun. I'm really proud of it too. We got a fair amount of members, but.. Heart you all.

Ardent is no longer. I'll delete it later.


HEY. We've reached 50+ members. Well, way to go us, BUT, most icon communities have, like, over 300+ members. I'll make bigger banners to put in your userinfo/journal soon. PLEASE START PROMOTING US. And comment to our posts. We only get, like, 1 comment per post. AND EVERYONE OUT THERE THAT IS READING THIS...JOIN.

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Banners are made by yours truly, despairlight.
Hannah and Bri, you may make some too...-winkwink-.

Smaller banners here

30+ Members!

Kay, I was bored and I realized that Aardent made an accomplishment, so I made this little banner!
Thank you everyone for joining. We really appreciate it.
Everyone that hasn't joined Aardent, I really hope you do!
Thank you for making this community what it is!


Kiki and I have decided to make aardent an icon community. It's already one, but we meant like, with more than just the two of us as makers. So if you are interested in becoming a maker at aardent, please fill out the form below and comment this post. We are currently looking for three(3) makers. All comments will be screened.

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Okay, I'm tired of looking for pictures so I'll be taking requests now. You may request as many icons as you want as long as they're appropriate. I have the right to refuse a request.

You HAVE to give me an image URL and it MUST be pretty good quality. I'll post all the requests in my next icon batch. You may also state what kind of cropping you would like, what kind of coloring, what kind of style, what kind of text, etc.

Start requesting away!

P.S. Sorry, I don't do header requests because I stink at them. :/ Maybe later....


Welcome to aardent! An icon community, currently being maintained by despairlight and panicfiend. Here we'll post goodies for you like: Icons, brushes, headers, and much more! This is a member's only community so if you would like to view any of our posts, you have to join first by clicking join at the top of the page, under the header.

If you'd like to be affiliates or have any questions, post here.